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Winter is Coming


Loyalty, Courage, and a fierce dedication to their Lords and Lands embody Stark faction ideals.

Stark Sigil

For players seeking to win their battles through unmatched battlefield tactics and strategies, House Stark is the faction for you. With a strong focus on positioning and aggression, House Stark feature some of the fastest and hardest hitting combat units available. But House Stark does not fight alone, its many loyal bannermen bring their unique capabilities to the fight, ranging from the savage Berserkers of House Umber to the stalwart Sworn Shields of House Tully, each filling a unique role on the battelfield.

If you prefer your victories won on the fields of combat, and your troops loyal and fierce, then House Stark is the faction for you.

Faction Playstyle

Bravery in the face of death: Stark troops tend to gain additional Abilities and buffs right as they are nearing defeat. Foolish is the enemy who doesn't finish off a wounded unit!

Loyalty to the North: Starks boast above-average Morale. These men know they are fighting for a just cause, and not merely on the whims of kings.

Nothern Fierocity: Aggression and might path the way to victory; your combat units are some of the deadliest available.

Rally the Bannermen: With the ability to draw from various bannermen, House Stark boasts some of the most diverse range of units in the game- each with a specific battlefield role.

Superior Positioning: While raw power can win a battle, Starks know the value of maneuvering the battlefield, and as such employ a large number of Tactics Cards and Abilities to boost their own capabilities while also reducing those of their opponents.

Tactics Cards


Devastating Impact.jpg
Direwolf's Fervor.jpg
Northern Ferocity.jpg
Sudden Charge.jpg
Swift Advance.jpg
The North Remembers.jpg
Winter Is Coming.jpg

Brynden Tully - Outrider Commander

Heavy Impact.jpg
Ride Them Down!.jpg
Ride-By Attack.jpg

Brynden Tully - The Blackfish

Refuse To Yield.jpg
Set For Charge.jpg
Tully Valor.jpg

Eddard Stark - Lord Of Winterfell

Fury For The Fallen.jpg
Lead By Example.jpg
Northern Defiance.jpg

Greatjon Umber - Lord Of Last Hearth

Berserker Tactics.jpg
Lash Out.jpg
Last Stand.jpg

Robb Stark - The Wolf Lord

Hit And Run.jpg
Superior Positioning.jpg
Tactical Regroup.jpg

Rodrik Cassel - Master-At-Arms

Combat Prowess.jpg
Martial Superiority.jpg
Press The Advantage.jpg

Howland Reed - Lord Of The Crannogs

Bog Devil Ambush.jpg
Crannog Traps.jpg
The Threat Unseen.jpg


Brynden Tully - Outrider Commander.jpg
Brynden Tully - The Blackfish.jpg
Eddard Stark - Lord Of Winterfell.jpg
Greatjon Umber - Lord Of Last Hearth.jpg
Robb Stark - The Wolf Lord.jpg
Rodrik Cassel - Master-At-Arms.jpg


Crannogman Warden.jpg
Sworn Sword Captain.jpg
Umber Champion.jpg


Bran And Hodor - Protector And Ward.jpg
Brynden Tully - Outrider Commander.jpg
Brynden Tully - The Blackfish.jpg
Brynden Tully - Unyielding Knight.jpg
Brynden Tully - Vanguard Infiltrator.jpg
Eddard Stark - Lord Of Winterfell.jpg
Greatjon Umber - Fierce Bannerman.jpg
Greatjon Umber - Lord Of Last Hearth.jpg
Jaqen H'ghar - Mysterious Prisoner.jpg
Jojen Reed - Greensight.jpg
Maege Morment - The She-Bear.jpg
Meera Reed - Cunning Trapper.jpg
Osha - Spearwife Guardian.jpg
Rickon Stark - Prince Of Winterfell.jpg
Robb Stark - The Wolf Lord.jpg
Robb Stark - The Young Wolf.jpg
Rodrik Cassel - Master-At-Arms.jpg
Syrio Forel - First Blade Of Braavos.jpg

Combat Units


Crannogman Trackers.jpg
Eddard's Honor Guard.jpg
House Tully Sworn Shield.jpg
House Umber Berserkers.jpg
House Umber Greataxes.jpg
Stark Bowmen.jpg
Stark Sworn Swords.jpg


Stark Outriders.jpg
Tully Cavaliers.jpg


Grey Wind.jpg

Non-Combat Units

Arya Stark - The Wolf Girl.jpg
Catelyn Stark - Lady Of Winterfell.jpg
Eddard Stark - Warden Of The North.jpg
Howland Reed - Lord Of The Crannogs.jpg
Rodrik Cassel - Combat Veteran.jpg
Sansa Stark - Little Bird.jpg