Brynden Tully - The Blackfish

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Attachment Details

Brynden Tully - The Blackfish.jpg

Faction Stark
Class Attachment
Type Infantry
Points Cost Commander

"My first rule of war, Cat, is never give the enemy his wish." - Brynden Tully

Attachment Abilities

Affiliation : House Tully
This unit counts as a House Tully unit.
Blackfish's Resolve
Each time this unit passes a Morale Test, it may restore 1 Wound.
This unit gains +2 to Morale Test rolls.

Tactics Cards

Refuse To Yield.jpg Set For Charge.jpg Tully Valor.jpg
Refuse To Yield
When a friendly unit passes a Morale Test :

Restore up to 2 Wounds to that unit.

If this is a House Tully unit, restore D3+1 Wounds instead.

Set For Charge
When a friendly, unengaged unit is charged from the Front :

That unit may make 1 Attack action against that enemy before they resolve their Charge attack.

If this is a House Tully unit, the enemy also becomes Weakened.

Tully Valor
When this unit is attacked with melee, after Attack dice are rolled :

That unit gains +1 to Defense Save rolls this attack.

If this is a House Tully unit, they automatically pass their Panic Test for this attack as well.

Product Details

SIF109 - Stark Heroes 1

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of Order: Hold the Line?

Until the end of the turn.[1]