Brynden Tully - Outrider Commander

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Attachment Details

Brynden Tully - Outrider Commander.jpg

Faction Stark
Class Attachment
Type Cavalry
Points Cost Commander

"Its no good hammering you sword into a plowshare if you must forge it again on the morrow" - Brynden Tully

Attachment Abilities

Outflank: Stark Outriders
You may hold 1 unit of Stark Outriders off the table instead of deploying them. At the start of any round, as their activation, deploy that unit fully within Short Range of any table edge.
This unit gains +1 Icon Movement.png and ignores the Dangerous, Rough, and Hindering keywords of Terrain pieces.

Tactics Cards

Heavy Impact.jpg Ride Them Down!.jpg Ride-By-Attack.jpg
Heavy Impact
When a friendly Cavalry unit successfully Charges :

That defender becomes Vulnerable.

If you control Tactics Board Maneuver Zone, this attack also deals +2 additional automatic Hits.

Ride Them Down!
When an enemy fails a Panic Test :

If that enemy is engaged with a Cavalry unit, they suffer an additional D3 Wounds.

If you control Tactics Board Maneuver Zone, they suffer 3 additional Wounds instead of rolling.

Ride-By Attack
When a friendly Cavlary unit activates :

As its action, that unit may pivot and March and may move through enemies during this March.

After completing this action, it may resolve 1 Charge Attack on 1 enemy it passef through (including re-rolls).

Product Details

SIFKS001 - Kickstarter Campaign Hand Of The King