Bran And Hodor - Protector And Ward

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Attachment Details

Bran And Hodor - Protector And Ward.jpg

Faction Stark
Class Attachment
Type Infantry
Points Cost 2

"Hodor. Hodor Hodor."
"You're right, it seems dangerous." - Bran Stark

Attachment Abilities

Icon Order.png Order : Bran's Skinchanging
When this unit, or Summer, makes a Melee Attack :

The defender suffers D3 additional automatic Hits.

Once per game, when this unit is successfully Charged, the attacker automatically suffer a Disorderly Charge and rolls -2 Attack dice. Bran's unit may no longer be targeted by Bran's Skinchanging.


Including Bran And Hodor - Protector And Ward in your army allows you to also include Summer at 0 point cost.

Product Details

SIF109 - Stark Heroes 1

Revision History


  • Points cost reduced from 3 to 2 points.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the automatic hits from Bran’s Skinchanging gain the Weapon Abilities of the unit he is in (assuming I target them with the Ability)?

Yes, these additional hits are treated as originating from the unit (Rulebook, pg. 12), and thus gain all applicable Abilities, effects, etc.[1]