Battlefield Setup

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Once a Game Mode has been selected, it is time to set up the battlefield. The standard battlefield size is 4’x4’. Though if playing larger-sized games, players may wish to extend this to 6’x4’.

To set up the battlefield, the following steps should be completed, in order:

  1. Mark Deployment Zones: Before continuing, players should mark off the Deployment Zones listed in the Game Mode, as various restrictions for setting up the battlefield are determined by these zones.
  2. Place Objective Markers: Some Game Modes might list Objective tokens to be placed on the battlefield. See that specific Game Mode for rules on placing these markers.[1]
  3. Place Terrain: There are two methods to setting up terrain:[2]
    • Chosen by Players: Both players should roll a die (re-roll ties). The player rolling highest will select 1 Terrain piece from those available to them and place it anywhere on the battlefield outside a Deployment Zone and at least 6” (Short Range) from any other Terrain piece.[3] Their opponent will then do the same. Continue alternating between players until 4 Terrain pieces have been placed. (If agreed upon, players may choose more than 4 Terrain pieces to use, for those who prefer a denser table or are playing on a larger-sized area.)
    • Randomized Pool: Instead of selecting their Terrain pieces, the amount and pool of available pieces can be randomly determined. First, roll a D3 to determine how much Terrain will be placed this game, with the amount being two + the number rolled on the D3. Once the amount has been determined, for each of those pieces, players should take turns rolling two D6 dice to determine what that piece is. Once that is done, continue set-up as above.
[2-3]: Corpse Pile [8]: Wall
[4]: Bog [9]: Stakes
[5]: Palisade [10]: Forest
[6]: Hedge [11-12]: Weirwood Tree
[7]: Player's Choice

Please note that some Game Modes will alter this. See the specific rules for that Game Mode for more information.


  1. Steps re-ordered Game Modes v1.4
  2. Randomized method added Game Modes v1.4
  3. Restriction on placing Terrain 6” (Short Range) from Deployment Zones removed. FAQ v1.4