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Attachments are powerful individuals that are added to Combat Units, giving them Abilities they otherwise would not possess.

Attachment card sample

Army Construction

Attachment card slots under Combat Unit Card

As part of Army Construction, you may purchase a Unit Attachment for a Combat Unit. Once this is done, it is added to that unit and considered part of that unit for all purposes.

  • You may only ever purchase 1 Attachment for each unit.
  • Solo units can never have Attachments.
  • An Attachment can only be added to a unit of the same Unit Type as itself (Infantry, Cavalry, etc).
  • Unless an effect specifically says so, Attachments cannot be singled out of their unit for any reason.
  • When adding the Attachment’s model to the unit, it replaces 1 of the basic models in that unit and always replaces the leftmost model in the front rank of the unit.
Adding an Attachment

Multiple Attachments

In some exceptional situations, a unit could have multiple Attachments in it. In the case of 2+ Attachments in a single unit, the second left-most model in the front rank is replaced for the second Attachment, and so forth. This order is decided by the Combat Unit’s owner.


Attachments are always the last model destroyed in a unit.

Available Units