Army Construction

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To lead your army you must first, of course, build it.

Determine Game Size

The first step in constructing your army is selecting how many Points you and your opponent(s) will be playing this game. Each Unit and Attachment has a Point Value, shown on the back of their card, that lists how many of your total army points it takes to field that unit. When selecting your Units and Attachments, their total combined Point Values cannot exceed the agreed upon amount.

Games can be played with any number of Points, but the suggested amounts are as follows:

Size Army Points Victory Points
Small 30 pts 8 Victory Points
Medium 40 pts 10 Victory Points
Large 50 pts 12 Victory Points

(Increase Victory Point requirement by 2 for every 10 additional points being played).

Select Faction

Once you have determined the Game Size, you will choose your Faction. Each unit belongs to a specific Faction, identified by the House Icon on their Stat card. When selecting Units and Attachments for your army, you may only include Units/Attachments from your chosen Faction and Neutral Units.

Neutral Units

When fielding Neutral Units, the only limitation is that you may never include more than 50% of your total points worth of Neutral Units. Note that this includes fielding a Neutral Commander in any army, as they do not cost points.

Alternatively, Neutral Units may also be played as their own Faction. If a player selects this option, their army may only include Neutral Units and Attachments. Other Factions may not be added.


You are playing a Medium Size Game (40 Points) and have chosen House Stark as your Faction. Your army could include up to 20 Points worth of Neutral Units, but the remaining 20 Points must come from the House Stark Faction.

Select Commander

Choosing your Commander is one of the most important parts of constructing your army, as they are not only powerful individuals, but they also add their unique Tactics cards to your Faction’s Tactics Deck. Commanders do not cost Points, and each army may only ever include a single Commander.

Construct Tactics Deck

Once you have chosen your Commander, gather your Faction’s Tactics Deck and shuffle in your Commander’s 6 Tactics cards (2 copies each of the 3 different Tactics cards listed on their Attachment card) to create your 20-card Tactics Deck.

Add Units/Attachments

When adding Units and Attachments into your army, there is no restriction to the number of each individual Unit and/or Attachment that you may field, with the following exceptions:

  • Your army may only include 1 Commander. If your Commander is an Attachment, your army must include a unit for the Commander to be attached to.
  • When adding Attachments into your army, they must be included in a Combat Unit, and each Combat Unit may only ever have 1 Attachment. You cannot add an Attachment into your army if there is no available Unit to place it in.
  • Additionally, sometimes a Unit and/or Attachment may list special requirements or restrictions to be fielded. See that Unit/Attachment’s specific Stat card for more information.


Units and/or Attachments that list CHARACTER on their Stat card are unique. Only 1 copy of each of these Units/Attachments may be included in your army (though you can have several different Characters in your army). Note that several Characters might have multiple versions (such as Jaime Lannister “Kingslayer” and Jaime Lannister “The Young Lion”). These are still the same Character for uniqueness.