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When a Combat Unit activates, it may select 1 of the following actions to perform.

Alternatively, a unit may choose to forgo performing any action at all during its activation (though this is seldom beneficial). Once a unit has completed its action (or forgoes its action), its activation ends (place an Activation Token on the unit to mark this).

Free Action

Sometimes an effect will allow a unit to make a Free Action. This action does not interfere with a unit's normal activation in any way, and it may be taken even if the unit has already activated this round.


Pivoting is a type of move that allows a unit to be rotated along is center to any facing, usually done as part of another movement effect. When pivoting, a unit ignore others unit's trays (both friendly and enemy), so long as they do not end overlapping any other tray.

Moving and Other Units

  • Units may never move through enemies.
  • Units may never end a move within 1” of an enemy, except when moving as part of a Charge action.
  • While moving, units may freely move through (but never end overlapping) friendly units.[1]


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