A Game of Thrones

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A Game of Thrones is a Game Mode.

Armies fight to claim various Objectives across the battlefield, each granting a unique power.


SHORT RANGE each side.

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  • Place 1 Objective token in the center of the table.
  • Each player rolls a die (re-roll ties). Whoever rolls highest places 1 Objective token anywhere on the battlefield at least 6” (Short Range) from any from any Deployment Zone and other Objective token.[1] Players will alternate placing Objective tokens until there are a total of 5 on the board.[2]

Special Rules


  • Before Deployment, place the following card from the Objective Deck near the Center Objective: "This Objective grants 1 additional Victory Point when scoring. When you score points from this Objective, the unit controlling it suffers a Panic Test with -2 to their roll."[3]
  • Once this is done, randomly draw 1 card from the Objective Deck and place it face-up near each other Objective. That is the Ability of that token for this game.
  • A unit ending a move with its tray entirely overlapping a token Claims that token. While touching the token, it controls that token.
  • A unit Controls a token it has Claimed as long as it is not Engaged by an enemy Combat Unit with more remaining Ranks than it. The moment this happens it immediately stops Controlling that token.
  • Solo units count has having remaining Ranks equal to their remaining Wounds for Controlling and Contesting Objectives.
  • Tokens that are not entirely overlapped by a unit's tray are not Claimed and are not Controlled by any unit.
  • If a unit moves off a token it is controlling, for any reason, it stops controlling that token.


  • Beginning on round 2, players will score 1 Victory Point for each token they control at the end of each round.
  • All Victory Points are scored simultaneously during the Score Victory Points setp of the Clean-Up Phase. Once this is done, players will resolve any "When you score points..." effects of Objectives in alternating order, beginning with the First Player choosing 1 Objective, then their opponent, and so forth.

Frequently Asked Questions

In what order are the effects of Objectives resolved in A Game of Thrones?

Beginning with the First Player, players will take turns selecting from 1 of their applicable effects and resolving it, continuing back and forth until all effects have been resolved.[4]


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