A Feast for Crows

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A Feast for Crows is a Game Mode.

The mental fatigue of the battlefield takes its toll on units as bodies stack up during the fight.


LONG RANGE each side.

GameMode AFeastForCrows.png


  • Corpse Piles may not be selected as Terrain pieces by players.
  • If Terrain is being randomly selected, the Corpse Pile result should be re-rolled.
  • Place 1 Objective Token at Short Range from each Flank table edge, along the center of the battlefield, and then place 1 Corpse Pile under each token. These Corpse Piles are placed in addition to any other Terrain pieces.
  • When placing other Terrain pieces, these Corpse Piles may be ignored so long as no other Terrain piece is placed within 1" of them.

Special Rules

  • If there are less than 4 Corpse Piles already in play, each time an Infantry Unit is destroyed, before removing its tray, its owner places 1 Corpse Pile anywhere completely within Long Range and at least 1" from any other Terrain piece or unit's tray. They then place 1 Objective token in the center of that Corpse Pile.


  • Each Objective is linked to the Corpse Pile it is on.
  • A unit ending a move with any part of its tray on an Objective token Claims it; place that token on the unit's tray to show it has Claimed and is now Controlling that token.
  • A unit may only Control 1 Objective token at any time. If a unit Controlling an Objective token ends a move over another token, their opponent places that token anywhere touching its linked Corpse Pile.
  • If a unit Controlling an Objective ends an Action not touching its linked Corpse Pile, it drops the token. Your opponent places the token anywhere touching its linked Corpse Pile.
  • If a friendly unit holding an Objective token fails a Panic Test, or is destroyed, 1 enemy unit (chosen by the opponent) that is touching the linked Corpse Pile Claims the token. If there was no enemy touching the Corpse Pile, your opponent places the token anywhere touching its linked Corpse Pile.


  • Beginning on Round 2, each player scores 1 Victory Point for each Objective they Control at the end of each round.
  • Objectives Controlled by your army's Commander grant +1 Victory Point.