A Dance with Dragons

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A Dance with Dragons is a Game Mode.


LONG RANGE each side.



  • Place 1 Objective Token in the center of the table.
  • Place 1 Objective token 6" (Short Range) from each Flank board edge, as shown.
  • Each Objective has a specific Objective Card linked to it, refer Objectives below.

Special Rules


  • A unit ending a move with any part of its tray on an Objective token claims it; place that token on the unit's tray to show that it is controlling the token. While controlling an Objective token, that unit may never March, and its Speed is reduced to 2. This cannot be increased by any means.
  • A unit may only control 1 Objective token at any time. If a unit controlling an Objective token ends a move over another token, their opponent places that Objective token anywhere within 2" of the unit's tray, so long as the token is not over Impassible Terrain or another unit's tray.
  • If a unit holding an Objective token fails a Panic Test, or is destroyed, 1 enemy unit (chosen by the opponent) that it is enaged with claims the token. If there was no enemy engaged with that unit, your opponent places the token anywhere within 2" of the unit's tray, so long as the token is not over Impassable Terrain or another unit's tray.


  • Beginning on Round 2, players will score 1 Victory Point for each Objective token they control at the end of each round.
  • Objective tokens Controlled by your army's Commander grant +1 additional Victory Point when scoring.

Objective A

  • When you score points from this Objective, you may have 1 enemy Combat Unit become Vulnerable and Weakened.

Objective B

  • While controllonig this Objective, this unit's Melee Attacks gain Sundering (Defenders suffer -1 to Defense Save rolls) and Vicious (Defenders suffer -2 to their Panic Test). This unit suffers D3 Wounds after completing any Melee Attacks.

Objective C

  • When you claim this Objective, target 1 enemy NCU. While you control this Objective, that NCU loses all Abilities.