A Clash of Kings

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A Clash of Kings is a Game Mode.

Players only start with a small portion of their army, with the rest arriving throughout the game.


LONG RANGE each side.

GameMode AClashofKings.png


  • Place 1 Objective token in the center of the table, then place 1 additional token at Long Range on the left and right side of it.

Special Rules


  • At the beginning of the game, each player selects 2 of their Combat Units to deploy. The rest are placed in Reserve, being held off the battlefield.[1]
  • Beginning in Round 2, instead of activating a unit, players may instead deploy a Combat Unit from Reserve. There are two ways a Combat Unit can be deployed:
  1. The Combat Unit may be deployed anywhere fully within your Deployment Zone and at least 1" away from an enemy Combat Unit. If deployed this way, they are deployed without an Activation Token (meaning they can be activated in a later turn).
  2. The Combat Unit may be deployed anywhere fully within 6" (Short Range) of a Flank edge you Control (refer below) and at least 1" away from an enemy Combat Unit. If deployed this way, they are deployed with an Activation token.
  • When a unit is destroyed, it is moved to a player’s Reserves. [2]
  • If a unit has already activated in a round and is destroyed it may not be deployed until the next round. If it was destroyed before it activated, it may be re-deployed in the same round.[3]
  • If a unit has an Ability that grants additional Victory Points from it being destroyed, that Ability will only trigger the first time the unit is destroyed.


  • A unit ending a move with its tray entirely overlapping a token Claims that token.
  • A unit Controls a token it has Claimed as long as it is not engaged by an enemy Combat Unit with more remaining Ranks than it. The moment this happens it immediately stops Controlling that token.
  • Solo units count as having remaining Ranks equal to their remaining Wounds for Controlling and Contesting Objectives.
  • Tokens that are not entirely overlapped by a unit's tray are not Claimed and not Controlled by any unit.
  • The Left and Right Objective tokens can be Controlled to allow units to deploy on the Flank edges of the battlefield. If you control 1 of these Objective tokens, you may deploy units from your Reserve on the opposite Flank-edge from that token. (Example: controlling the Right Objective allows you to deploy units on the Left Flank edge).


  • Beginning on Round 2, a player scores 1 Victory Point for each Objective they Control at the end of each round.[4]
  • Objectives Controlled by your army's Commander grant +1 Victory Point.


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